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    What is MFG Day (Manufacturing) Day?

    MFG DAY, an annual celebration of modern manufacturing that takes place in October, is meant to inspire the next generation. The 2017 SWI- MA event hosted over 1,100 people, including 550 students. There were 68 exhibitors. The event will feature 75+ exhibitors this year and will also include a job fair that will connect job-seekers and manufacturing companies.

    The following will be celebrated by SWI-MA on October 16-17, 2018:

    • A PROCLAMATION by the Governor naming October Idaho Manufacturing Month
    • VIP RECEPTION AND AWARDS PRINTATION – SWI-MA members, expo attendees, manufacturers, industry supporters and legislators are all invited
    • EXPO “MADE HERE!” (10/17), Open to the Public & Free! Exhibitors will be displaying the products they make here in Idaho. There will also be demonstrations of 3-D printers, robotics, drones and other industrial equipment.
    • STUDENT EXPO SESSION (11am-2pm) is open to secondary and post-secondary students, educators, and school groups. See the Educator tab.
    • GENERAL PUBLIC & JOB FEAIR SESSION (3pm-6pm), for those who are interested in manufacturing or related industries
    • The 2018 event will feature:
    • 75+ Exhibitors from the Manufacturing and Industry Sector
    • More than 1,500 attendees, including students and the general population

    Open to all


    • Micron STEM Bus Mobile Lab
    • College of Southern Idaho Mobile Cheese Manufacturing Lab
    • Local manufacturing companies displaying the wide range of locally made products
    • Presentations with robots, drones, and other technology
    • Why does Manufacturing Day exist?
    • Many people think of manufacturing environments as dangerous, dark places that are only for low-skilled workers. MFG DAY is a day for manufacturers to show what modern manufacturing looks like.

  • How to Find the Best Manufacturers

    When hiring an advertising agency, it’s important to consider the needs of both parties. In order to find the right agency, you should first create a profile of your target customers, business needs, and governing philosophy. Keep in mind that many agencies are selective and may be wary of new clients. The profile should include all relevant details, including growth plans, real advantages of products, and history of the company. In addition, you should include any current or past promotions or awards.

    A manufacturer’s sales agency will help promote the company by identifying the best ways to reach its audience. They will be the primary link between your company and your target audience, and a poor selection could cause your company to fail. Choosing the right sales agency can make or break your business. Here are some tips to help you choose a marketing agency that can help your business succeed. You can contact the MANA to find out more about what we can offer you.

    A sales agency is an important part of a manufacturer’s marketing strategy

    Ultimately, the agency is the link between your company and your target audience. You must carefully research your options before selecting a sales agency. Using a bad agency can result in a demise of your company. Choosing the right one can propel your company to financial stability. This article will discuss how to select a good sales agency. A good sales agency will be a vital link between your company and your target audience.

    A good sales agency will help your company grow. An effective sales agency will increase your company’s visibility in your target market and improve your bottom line. A sales agency will also help you choose the right sales strategy. The best way to choose a sales agency is to conduct your own preliminary research. The sales agency is the primary link between your company and your target audience. A poor selection can destroy your company’s reputation and cause a downward spiral in its financial stability.

    Using an online directory can be a great way to find manufacturing companies in your state

    ClearlyRated is an online directory that provides information about Idaho manufacturers and their supply and service needs. Whether you’re looking for automotive parts or electronic components, you can find a supplier in Idaho. With this tool, you can easily search for suppliers in your area, and even connect with local businesses in your area. And the information you gain from a manufacturer’s website will be useful to you in your daily life.

    Finding the best manufacturing company in Idaho is not always easy. But ClearlyRated is an online directory that lists the best manufacturing companies in Idaho. Whether you’re looking for a custom-made part or need to find a supplier for a specific process, ClearlyRated has a list for you. You can filter the manufacturers by industry, specialty, and size. A directory will help you find the right manufacturer. Then, you can choose a partner for your next project.

  • Party Bus Rental Service – Best Of Boise

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  • FTZ-280

    The U.S. Department of Commerce gave the Caldwell Economic Development Council, (CEDC), the authority to create and manage the Foreign Trade Zone #280 in accordance with the Alternative Site Framework on May 12, 2012.

    FTZ #280 was given administration to the Southwest Idaho Manufacturers Alliance (SWIMA), upon its inception in 2013.

    Both businesses and the general public will enjoy exciting and substantial benefits from the FTZ. It will also have a significant impact on the development and commerce of southwest Idaho.

    FTZ encourages economic growth through job retention and creation.

    This program offers incentives to companies to start or expand their operations.

    • Facilitate and accelerate international trade.
    • As a public service, provide special customs procedures to assist firms in international trade operations with foreign plants.
    • Export promotion and facilitation
    • Encourage domestic activity retention and attract offshore activity.
    • Assist in state/local economic development efforts.
    • Help create employment opportunities.


    A foreign-trade area is a site that has been designated by the Foreign-Trade Zones Board (FTZ Board). Special customs procedures can be used at this site.

    These procedures permit domestic activity that involves foreign items to be completed prior to formal customs entry.

    Re-exported items are exempt from duty and the payment of duty is deferred for items sold in the United States. This allows overseas producers to offset the customs benefits available to them.

    FTZ sites or facilities are still under the jurisdiction of the local, state, or federal governments.


    Foreign-Trade Zone allows companies to save money on imported goods by reducing import duties and streamlining formal customs entry procedures.


    FTZ offers incentives to companies, facilitates application and program participation.


    FTZ’s facilitate international trade and help companies do business in the Treasure Valley. They also reduce operating costs.

    Companies can reduce their costs by deferring or decreasing customs duties on imported products. They also realize distribution savings by streamlining goods processing and eliminating quota restrictions. Idaho businesses are therefore better equipped to compete with foreign producers.

    • Exemption from duty There are no duties or quota fees on reexports.
    • Duty Deferral Import duties and federal excise taxes deferred
    • Reduced Merchandise Processing Charges Maximum weekly payment of $485, versus 0.2% of the total shipment value for each individual shipment.
    • Inverted Tariff. Inverted Tariff.
    • Logistical benefits FTZ companies may be eligible for streamlined customs procedures (e.g. “Weekly Entry” or “Direct Delivery”
    • Additional Benefits Other Benefits. Foreign goods and domestic goods that are held for export are exempted from local/state inventory taxes. FTZ status can also allow a site to be eligible for benefits that are not related to the FTZ Act.